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The Winnetka Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1923, the mission of the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic health and welfare of its community in cooperation with community residents and Village government. It is an association of businesses, services, government agencies, schools, and organizations located near and within Winnetka.


Twenty miles north of Chicago, Winnetka is an exceptional place to live, work, and raise a family. Its small-town spirit, charm and traditions make it one of the most delightful, congenial, and dynamic Villages along Lake Michigan’s North Shore.


With tree-lined streets, sandy beaches, renowned schools, outstanding parks, quality recreational facilities, a centralized Community House, local non-profit organizations, houses of worship, and four business districts, Winnetka is truly a “beautiful land” – as its name suggests.


Within each district – Hubbard Woods, West Elm, East Elm, Indian Hill – there is pride and commitment to providing quality, value, expertise and personalized customer service. As Winnetka’s leading business advocate, the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce welcomes you.


Come to Winnetka and experience its unique, vivacious and treasured community life.


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Schools - District 36

  • Crow Island

  • Greeley

  • Hubbard Woods

  • Skokie

  • Washburne  

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